Popping in


This is about 1/3 of the Work and Witness Team that stopped by to say “hey.”


One fun thing about living and working at Africa Nazarene University is when Nazarenes stop by.

Take the Work and Witness Team that visited us on Wednesday, for example.

These were energetic Nazarenes from Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Colorado. They’d just finished 2 weeks working at a rural children’s center, helping with Vacation Bible School and assisting with the installation of a water system. They’d heard some of the good things that God is doing at ANU and decided to stop in and see for themselves.

Amy and I led part of the tour around campus. It was a reminder of all the Lord has done so far, but also that our best days lie ahead.

If you’ve ever passing through, stop by and see ANU. You, too, will be amazed at what has sprung up on the African plain.

Prayer requests

The long rains (March-April-May) have still not come. Drought is spreading in Kenya, and with it frustrated farmers and food insecurity, especially in rurul areas. Please pray for steady rains, strong enough to water the earth but not so sudden as to cause flooding.

Thanks for those who prayed for us as we wrapped up the trimester. All grades are turned in, and we now have about 2 weeks break before the May trimester begins.

Ask the Lord to give rest to our faculty and students, and wonderful re-connection with family.



The Spirit of the team

The Work & Witness team from West Virginia South District has demonstrated not only team spirit, but also the Spirit of the team.

First, they are fulfilling the stated reason that they came which is to replace hundreds of inefficient lightbulbs for more efficient ones. This will save ANU thousand of dollars each month!

Second, the team has shared in ministry with the ANU community. The Sunday morning service at University Church of the Nazarene concluded with the regular monthly healing service and the anointing with oil for those who request it. When ministers were asked to come forward, the ministers on the team came to pray with those who lined the altars.

Rev. Patty Williams shared her testimony at chapel on Tuesday morning. She had been to Nairobi before, twice in fact. The first time, she walked with Harmon Schmelzenbach as he explained his dream to change the current Bible College into a university that would transform the world. The second time, she never made it to the university grounds because of a tragic accident. You can read more about it, here.

Not pictured – leading morning devotions at the workshop and probably a lot more.

Third, the team has reached out to the greater Nazarene ccommunity. The team brought children’s toys. When it became apparent that they were not going to be able to go to the children, the children from the school run by the Mathare Church of the Nazarene were brought to the campus – a field trip. The team hosted an impromptu children’s day with sports, coloring and more.

Thank you West Virginia South District. You are welcome to come back any time.

For those of you who like reading Greg’s sermons, here is the one he preached on Sunday morning at University Church. BTW, you really should follow his blog.

For those of you who like to see the beautiful campus where we live, just one shot this week.

Enjoy General Assembly and attend the Friends of ANU function.