Words & a Pic – 1 September


The name for our blog, “Between Here and There” was chosen as we prepared to leave Kenya and move to South Africa. It seemed a logical choice. As we are now coming back , it is even more so.

We are like this sunbird. We are hanging on to a branch, but not yet roosting in our nest. We are told that our shipment is on the way – somewhere onĀ  the Indian Ocean between South Africa and Mombasa, Kenya. Thank you for your prayers. It should arrive in country this week. After that, we are told it will take 4-5 business days to arrive at ANU. Please, keep praying. I am so done with suitcase-living!

Even so, we are content at Africa Nazarene University.

Greg is preparing his classes – both face-to-face and online. Students can expect to be interested and challenged. He is also heading up the brand new PhD in Religion programme. If you are interested, he can answer specifics about program and cost – gcrofford@anu.ac.ke

I am working on policy, grant seeking, and editing. Variety suits me.





Words and a Pic: Baboons and badges, but no boxes

DSCN0592The view from our back balcony is amazing. I scan the cliff headed down to the water every time I enter the living room. Quite often, I am rewarded by seeing a troop of baboons. There are a couple of young ones and at least one that seems old.

For just being in Kenya two weeks, we have accomplished a lot. We have the work permits in our passports. We have a car. We have learned a few phrases in KiSwahili. We have learned how to use the appliances at our house. We have had departmental meetings. We have our official badges at Africa Nazarene University. So many things have happened.

Yet, we are waiting on our shipment to arrive. More precisely we are waiting for it to be sent. It is currently set to leave South Africa on the 24th of this month. We are told it will take 8 days to travel to Mombasa, Kenya. It will then be 4-5 business days before it arrives at ANU. This means that it will arrive right during the busy days of the beginning of a new trimester.

Please, pray that all will go well with the shipment and the timing will work. Pray that we will have the necessary energy to finish getting the house set up once our things arrive and the wisdom to know when to take a break.