Taking action

University Church had been using Greg’s book, Mere Ecclesiology, for the adult Sunday school class. The week that Jane Mutoime led the discussion, it was decided that the church would form an environmental committee. Last Sunday, the committee met for the first time and plans were made for a comminty outreach. There will be a clean up and some instruction about the environment. I love when the chuch goes into action! DSCN7595

The Friends of ANU now has a Facebook page. Check it out, like it, share it.



You know you attend a university church when all but a handful of people come forward when the pastor asks who will be attending school in September. Greg was asked to pray for the group that included little ones entering school for the first time to those getting graduate degrees.

Words and a book

We wish you a Christmas season

filled with times of reflection,

fellowship, and joy.



Greg has strung lots of words, ideas, and thoughts together. In fact, they are now available in book form. Yes, this is a shameless promotion for Christmas gift giving for pastors, lay leaders, or others who want to learn more.

Here are a few links –

Amazon – $17 USD – paperback, $37 USD – hardcover, not yet available as an e-book, but that will be coming soon.

Wipf&Stock – webprice – $13.60 USD, retail price – $17 USD.

From the back cover…

“In promoting a healthy church, Dr. Crofford emphasizes the need for ‘spiritual respiration.’ His conception of church health first requires a ‘breathing in’ of personal growth that is spiritual, knowledgeable, and communal. Second, spiritual respiration requires a ‘breathing out’ that is missional, ministering practically to others for their holistic salvation, societal well-being, and ecological care-giving. . . . Crofford identifies step-by-step strategies that help Christians to implement ‘spiritual respiration’ in finding their place in the church’s mission.”
–Don Thorsen, Professor of Theology, Azusa Pacific University Seminary

“Crofford invites us into a discussion regarding the theology of church and the practical implications for ministry. This thoughtful overview of the formational and missional characteristics of the church mirrors Jesus’ command to love God and love others. Here, the corporate body of Christ can live in authenticity to the doctrine handed down through the ages. This work will prove useful for the church engaged in the formation of Christlike disciples.”
–Carla Sunberg, President, Professor of Historical Theology, Nazarene Theological Seminary

“In this helpful and easy-to-read book, Crofford¬†draws wonderfully from Scripture, the Christian faith community, and his own faith journey. He offers wisdom and understanding to all pilgrims, wherever they are on their journey.¬†If ever the church needed a grassroots understanding to fulfill its mission in the world in this significant time, then this is the ‘back to the basics’ guide so desperately needed.”
–Gabriel J. Benjamin, Church of the Nazarene, Africa Region Education and Clergy Development Coordinator

“Written from his experience as a minister, a clergy educator, and a missionary, the book covers a broad range of topics that relate to the work of the church. Easy to read and challenging to your preconceptions, the book will profit every pastor and every layperson. This is an excellent overview of the work of the church. Refreshing!”
–Jesse C. Middendorf, General Superintendent Emeritus, Church of the Nazarene