Home Assignment 2018

We are gearing up for Home Assignment 2018.

If you notice that we will be on your district, contact your deputation coordinator to see if we can come to your church. We are also available for meetings with individuals or small groups for meals and fun get-togethers.

If you would like to schedule us for an open week, particularly if you are in the northeast, contact Amy at gregamyc@gmail.com with the suggested dates.

Here is our schedule so far:

  • April 16 – Fly to the US
  • April 21- 29 am – Indianapolis (IN) District tour
  • April 29 pm – Montana Avenue Church of the Nazarene (Cincinnati, OH)
  • May 4-18 – Maine District tour
  • May 19-30 – New England District tour
  • June 3-24 – open
  • June 25-July 1 am – Mid-Atlantic District Family Camp
  • July 2- July 8 – Upstate New York Family Camp
  • July 9-15 – vacation (Maryland)
  • July 16-31 – open
  • August 1 – fly back to Nairobi, Kenya

Note – one of the “open” weeks will be vacation, but we are waiting to see how the schedule fills.

Please pray that the schedule will fill in and that we will have a vehicle to use at little to no cost while we are in the US.

Please pray for the elections in Kenya on August 8 to be peaceful and transparent.

And now a few pictures from August at ANU…


Home Assignment Planning

It’s that time again. We are beginning to plan our next home assignment, but first….

Lil Patton – painting the back piece of student seating

We have volunteers from Pennsylvania on campus doing upholstery work and fixing the seating in a gazebo area where students hang out to watch television in the evenings. When I saw Lil, I thought “I know this woman.” I couldn’t think how I did though. Then I introduced her to Greg and he said, “I know you!” We finally figured out that she had been the cook at the children’s camps we spoke at several home assignments ago. She was an awesome cook and obviously made an impression on us.

We’d love to meet you on this home assignment. We are planning to stay in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic area of the United States. We would like to schedule district conventions and camps in addition to services on any day of the week. We have done “services” at local restaurants with about 10 people and zoos with a children’s district group. Flexible? We are. Be creative. That said, we prefer Sunday to Sunday tours and  a central place to stay during the week. Greg loves to teach. If you can use him to help pastors earn their lifelong learning credits, that’s a win-win.

Our dates are:

  • Monday, April 16, 2018 – departure to the U.S. (Maryland – home base)
  • June 25-July 1, 2018 -Mid-Atlantic Family Camp at Roxbury Holiness Camp,  Orrston, PA
  • Wednesday, August 1, 2018 – return to Nairobi
If you would like to have us come to your church or district, send us a note at gregamyc@gmail.com
Maybe when you come to Africa Nazarene University, we’ll say, “I know you!”


Words & a Pic – April 1

It may be April Fools’ Day, but it is no joke that we fly back to the United States to begin home assignment in 33 days!

Gathering things for our table: “Get a ‘sense’ of Africa.” The table will have things to see, smell, taste, hear, and touch!

If we are in your area, we would love to share a meal (Papa Angelo’s or elsewhere) or a tea (or an OKC Dodgers game!) with as many as possible. Contact us at gregamyc@gmail.com to set up a time to meet.

Please pray for our services and other life events, as follows:

  • Son, Brad, graduates with an MA in International Studies from OU, Norman OK
  • May 10, am – Generations, Norman OK
  • May 10, pm – BFC, Bethany OK
  • May 13, open
  • May 15- May 31 – West Texas Tour
  • May 15 – Denton Hope Community/ Denton Hope Hispanic, Denton TX
  • May 16 – Arlington Restoration Community, Arlington TX
  • May 17, am – Arlington First, Arlington TX
  • May 18 – Pilot Point, Pilot Point TX
  • May 19 – Lantana Community Fellowship, Bartonville TX
  • May 20 – Fort Worth Haltom City/ FW Trinity, Fort Worth TX
  • May 21 – Fort Worth Crossroads Tabernacle, Fort Worth TX
  • May 22 – Fort Worth Northside – Fort Worth TX
  • May 23, am – Euless First, Euless TX
  • May 23, pm – Euless Hispanic, Euless TX
  • May 25 – Arlington Renewed Life, Arlington TX
  • May 26 – Fort Worth Grace Tabernacle, Fort Worth TX
  • May 27 – Fort Worth Riverside Iglesia del Nazareno, Fort Worth TX
  • May 28 – Fort Worth Christ City, Fort Worth TX
  • May 29 – Fort Worth River Oaks Iglesia, Fort Worth TX
  • May 30 – Fort Worth Cross Point, Fort Worth TX
  • May 31, am – Fort Worth Fuente de Gracia, Fort Worth TX
  • May 31, pm – Forth Worth Westridge, Fort Worth TX
  • June 1 – Our 30th wedding anniversary 🙂
  • June 3 – Western Oaks, Bethany OK
  • June 7, am – Harmon, Harmon OK
  • June 7, pm – Isabella, Isabella OK
  • June 10 – OKC First, Oklahoma City OK
  • June 14, am – Williams, Bethany OK
  • June 14, pm – open
  • June 15-29 – vacation – time with family and friends
  • June 21, am – Melwood Church of the Nazarene, MD

Quote from Amy’s reading: C.S. Lewis and the Bright Shadow of Holiness by Gerard CS LewisReed (Beacon Hill Press, 1999)

“Yes, we are sinners. Yes, we do much evil. But despite it all, there persists a fundamental goodness to human nature that can be wrested from the claws of evil, cleansed and transformed into the very likeness of Christ Jesus” (37).yellow_cap

Greg’s latest blog: “Barnabas, the man with the yellow cap” (read it here) Be encouraged, today.