Words & a pic – May 27

We are on home DSCN7900assignment in West Texas. One of the joys of traveling around is meeting Nazarenes who care about fulfilling the Great Commission in their own Jerusalem as well as Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Last night, we were welcomed at Grace Tabernacle Church of the Nazarene. These people, reflecting many backgrounds, are a wonderful example of the international churchDSCN7905 who give with open hands and hearts while depending on God to supply their needs.

On the way back to where we are staying, Greg drove through a horrible thunderstorm. We were drenched getting from the driveway to the house. Storms are predicted for each night the rest of this week. Please pray for safety for us and those attending the services.

A Quote from Amy’s reading: “It was a comforting image, not knowing where you were going but not needing to because you knew the one who knew the way…” Timothy Crutcher in Through the Mists of Fear (Starfall 3), Kindle edition, 2014, Location 2165

Greg’s latest Theology in Overalls: “From independence to interdependence: The power of small groups”

“Small groups are discipleship groups, helping members follow Jesus more closely, together. Paradoxically, greater dependence upon each other leads to greater dependence upon God.”

Words and a Pic – May 13

DSCN7746 (2) - CopyDSCN7750 This week we celebrated Brad’s graduation with an MA in Global Studies with a concentration in Global Economics and Development from Oklahoma University. Please, pray for Brad to find a job in his field… in Iowa.

We also began holding deputation services. Please pray for us as we travel, meet people, and share about missions.

Quote from Amy’s reading: Just to remind us that we serve a greater cause – not poetry repair bookcovernecessarily poetry… From  page 5 of The Poetry Home Repair Manual by Ted Kooser (Lincoln:University of Nebraska Press. 2007).

“Poetry is a lot more important than poets.”

 Greg’s latest bog: “Missing Small”

I’m missing small.

I first noticed it at doughnut shop at the Ronald Reagan airport in D.C. then here at a mini-mart in Oklahoma. In both places, if you want coffee, you have two choices, medium or large.

Now, I’m no expert in logic, but doesn’t the word “medium” by definition mean in the middle? So, how can you have medium-sized unless you also have large and small?

Jesus had a soft spot in his heart for small.

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Words & a Pic – April 1

It may be April Fools’ Day, but it is no joke that we fly back to the United States to begin home assignment in 33 days!

Gathering things for our table: “Get a ‘sense’ of Africa.” The table will have things to see, smell, taste, hear, and touch!

If we are in your area, we would love to share a meal (Papa Angelo’s or elsewhere) or a tea (or an OKC Dodgers game!) with as many as possible. Contact us at gregamyc@gmail.com to set up a time to meet.

Please pray for our services and other life events, as follows:

  • Son, Brad, graduates with an MA in International Studies from OU, Norman OK
  • May 10, am – Generations, Norman OK
  • May 10, pm – BFC, Bethany OK
  • May 13, open
  • May 15- May 31 – West Texas Tour
  • May 15 – Denton Hope Community/ Denton Hope Hispanic, Denton TX
  • May 16 – Arlington Restoration Community, Arlington TX
  • May 17, am – Arlington First, Arlington TX
  • May 18 – Pilot Point, Pilot Point TX
  • May 19 – Lantana Community Fellowship, Bartonville TX
  • May 20 – Fort Worth Haltom City/ FW Trinity, Fort Worth TX
  • May 21 – Fort Worth Crossroads Tabernacle, Fort Worth TX
  • May 22 – Fort Worth Northside – Fort Worth TX
  • May 23, am – Euless First, Euless TX
  • May 23, pm – Euless Hispanic, Euless TX
  • May 25 – Arlington Renewed Life, Arlington TX
  • May 26 – Fort Worth Grace Tabernacle, Fort Worth TX
  • May 27 – Fort Worth Riverside Iglesia del Nazareno, Fort Worth TX
  • May 28 – Fort Worth Christ City, Fort Worth TX
  • May 29 – Fort Worth River Oaks Iglesia, Fort Worth TX
  • May 30 – Fort Worth Cross Point, Fort Worth TX
  • May 31, am – Fort Worth Fuente de Gracia, Fort Worth TX
  • May 31, pm – Forth Worth Westridge, Fort Worth TX
  • June 1 – Our 30th wedding anniversary 🙂
  • June 3 – Western Oaks, Bethany OK
  • June 7, am – Harmon, Harmon OK
  • June 7, pm – Isabella, Isabella OK
  • June 10 – OKC First, Oklahoma City OK
  • June 14, am – Williams, Bethany OK
  • June 14, pm – open
  • June 15-29 – vacation – time with family and friends
  • June 21, am – Melwood Church of the Nazarene, MD

Quote from Amy’s reading: C.S. Lewis and the Bright Shadow of Holiness by Gerard CS LewisReed (Beacon Hill Press, 1999)

“Yes, we are sinners. Yes, we do much evil. But despite it all, there persists a fundamental goodness to human nature that can be wrested from the claws of evil, cleansed and transformed into the very likeness of Christ Jesus” (37).yellow_cap

Greg’s latest blog: “Barnabas, the man with the yellow cap” (read it here) Be encouraged, today.

Words & a Pic – March 18


On Saturday, we attended the graduation ceremony for Nazarene Theological College – South Africa. Forty-one men and women marched across the platform as their supporters shouted, uulated and danced for joy. We look forward with anticipation to see what a difference the Class of ’15 will make for the kingdom.

Please pray that they will remain strong in the faith and true to what they have learned at NTC. Pray also that they quickly find a place of ministry.

Quote from Amy’s reading:

“By sacrificing our energy on behalf of others, we discover there is a priceless reward for those who devote their lives to God’s service. Every word spoken to the sorrowful, every act committed to relieve the oppressed, every kindness shown to the brokenhearted will result in blessings, not only to the sufferer, but also to the giver.” – Barbara Johnson (God’s Most Precious Jewels are Crystallized Tears, Nashville: Word Publishing. 2001.)

Greg’s blogTheology in Overalls

“District Assembly Line? Why we need District Conference instead” (read it here)

Words & a pic – March 4

AREC packetPeople are beginning to arrive and will continue to arrive in the coming days. On Monday, the Africa Regional Conference 2015 – Johannesburg begins. Pray for granted visas and safe travels.

Greg, Samantha Chambo and I will host meetings during the first day and a half for the heads of the educational institutions on the region. Vision will be shared, learning will take place, important topics will be discussed. Please pray for us and the institutional leaders.

Please pray for the stamina of all concerned with the regional conference. These days will be tiring and triumphant, social and spiritual, busy and blessed.

Quote from Amy’s reading: William Zinssler in the 4th edition of On Writing Well:On writing well

“But ultimately eloquence runs on a deeper current. It moves us with  what it leaves unsaid, touching off echos in what we already know from our reading, our religion and our heritage. Eloquence invites us to bring some part of ourselves to the transaction” (p. 130).

Greg’s blog: Theology in Overalls

“Thecharles_johnson1 history of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement in the United States has always fascinated me. As a Nazarene, a book that addresses civil rights and adds a Nazarene angle is a double winner. Chet Bush’s Called to the Fire: A Witness for God in Mississippi – The Story of Dr. Charles Johnson (Abingdon, Nook edition, 2012) is one such book.”

To read the rest ofCalled to the Fire: A review”, click here.

Words and a Pic – February 4

DSCN7447Greg and I attended the Tuesday evening service of Holiness Week at Nazarene Theological College (South Africa). Mataphelo (right) sang a beautiful testimony. Her name in Zulu means “Woman of prayer.” Dr. David Slamp is the speaker for the week.

Please pray for NTC, the students, faculty and staff.

Quote from Amy’s reading this week:

Reuel Khoza in Attuned Leadership: African Humanism as Compass (page 401):

“You need to stand on firm ground — your own sense of self, of history and of destiny — when you reach for the stars.”

Greg’s latest blog: Goodbye, puny god (To read, click here)

Words and a pic – January 21

SANU Administration building

I loved going with Greg to Manzini, Swaziland from Sunday to Tuesday.  Greg attended a training meeting for the Southern Africa Nazarene University Board of Governors. I renewed relationships normally only fed by e-mail contact. We hope that I can travel with him more now that I an full-time with Africa Region Education and Clergy Development.

Note: The Out of Africa is now edited by Holly Beech, a volunteer with Africa Region Communication.

Please pray for us as we prepare for education meetings and the Africa Regional Conference 2015- Johannesburg in March.

Quote from Amy’s reading: Martin Luther cited in Martin Luther and the Birth of Protestantism by James Atkinson (1968) —

“To fight against sin is to fight against the Devil, the world and oneself. The fight against oneself is the worst fight of all.” On Hebrews xii,4

Greg’s most recent blog: Casting stones, or catching stones? is a book review of Jhttps://gregorycrofford.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/justmercycover.pngust Mercy by  Bryan Stevenson