The Spirit of the team

The Work & Witness team from West Virginia South District has demonstrated not only team spirit, but also the Spirit of the team.

First, they are fulfilling the stated reason that they came which is to replace hundreds of inefficient lightbulbs for more efficient ones. This will save ANU thousand of dollars each month!

Second, the team has shared in ministry with the ANU community. The Sunday morning service at University Church of the Nazarene concluded with the regular monthly healing service and the anointing with oil for those who request it. When ministers were asked to come forward, the ministers on the team came to pray with those who lined the altars.

Rev. Patty Williams shared her testimony at chapel on Tuesday morning. She had been to Nairobi before, twice in fact. The first time, she walked with Harmon Schmelzenbach as he explained his dream to change the current Bible College into a university that would transform the world. The second time, she never made it to the university grounds because of a tragic accident. You can read more about it, here.

Not pictured – leading morning devotions at the workshop and probably a lot more.

Third, the team has reached out to the greater Nazarene ccommunity. The team brought children’s toys. When it became apparent that they were not going to be able to go to the children, the children from the school run by the Mathare Church of the Nazarene were brought to the campus – a field trip. The team hosted an impromptu children’s day with sports, coloring and more.

Thank you West Virginia South District. You are welcome to come back any time.

For those of you who like reading Greg’s sermons, here is the one he preached on Sunday morning at University Church. BTW, you really should follow his blog.

For those of you who like to see the beautiful campus where we live, just one shot this week.

Enjoy General Assembly and attend the Friends of ANU function.

Concert Fun

Greg has been telling me for several weeks that he was singing in a duet in the Nairobi Music Society concert. He never told me his singing partner was Seraphine Moipei!

She sings with her three sisters (triplets) as the Moipei Quartet. They have sung in several countries including the USA and won numerous awards, including the Head of State Commendation award.

Here is a picture of DSCN6752the choir. The men are pretty well hidden behind the ladies. Both performances went well.

Greg was given roses at the end of each one. After the first, the flower person approached Greg and another man with red roses and yellow roses. Greg was pleased when the other man took the yellow because he wanted to pass on the red ones to me. The next bouquet were lavender!

Greg loves singing with this talented group.

DSCN4866 (2)————-

Dr Chambo announced yesterday that the next vice chancellor of Africa Nazarene university will be Dr. Stanley Bhebhe. He will begin his duties in November when Prof. Leah Marangu officially retires. Stay tuned for more details in the weeks and months ahead.


And now, a picture or two (or five) from the lovely campus of Africa Nazarene University…

Finding Strengths

We took the StrengthsFinders assessment when we worked at the regional office. The assessment reveals your Top 5 Signature Themes from a list of 34. (Note: you can get your entire personal list for an additional fee.)

My (Amy) top five strengths are:

  • Learner – I love to learn in almost any area.
  • Intellection – I reflect (or biblically – ponder in my heart) and think everything over.
  • Input – I collect stuff, whether physically or intellectually.
  • Ideation – I have lots of ideas. They come quickly and instinctively.
  • Maximizer – I enjoy making good things excellent.

Greg’s top five are:

  • Achiever – Setting and meeting goals are important to him.
  • Learner – He also likes to learn about many things, but theology is a clear favorite.
  • Context – He likes to know the history of things before making decisions.
  • Input – He also collects stuff.
  • Intellection – He also mulls things over.

As you can see, we have three strengths in common. We would probably be in trouble with the input strength, but many moves have kept the physical collection of things in check.

Why am I posting this now? This week, I earned my certificate as a Strengths Coach. If you know your Top 5, have not been coached, and would like to be coached when we are on home assignment in 2018, just let me know. Although, it would be better to find a coach near you and not wait.


One of the things I like to collect are digital photos, but I am willing to share!

Famine in East Africa

One of the toughest things missionaries face is being on the front lines when people are suffering. This post is to raise awareness of a current humanitarian need in East Africa.

Basically, people are starving. Reports are coming in from Nazarenes on the ground in difficult places where creativity is often needed to survive saying that sometimes there is no water or food locally available. Trees are dried up and not producing fruit. Crops can not be harvested. NCM-Africa is helping out, but it will take more than what they currently have to meet the need. (Picture provided by Africa East Field.)NCM Africa food

Moving to another area where food and water may be available is dangerous. It is best if people can stay at home and work to plant for the next season. A “temporary” relocation too often becomes permanent and the refugee camps are overflowing.

We need rain. Please, pray for rain in East Africa. Pray for rain that will saturate, but not overwhelm, the ground.

The most recent  Out of Africa, the regional newsletter, contains more details and information about how you and your church community can help financially – in addition to your prayers.

Thank you! Asante sana! Biae danke! Merci beaucoup! Muito obrigado! Muchas gracias!

To read more about this situation…

Famine Early Warning System –

Photo essay from the BBC –


Home Assignment Planning

It’s that time again. We are beginning to plan our next home assignment, but first….

Lil Patton – painting the back piece of student seating

We have volunteers from Pennsylvania on campus doing upholstery work and fixing the seating in a gazebo area where students hang out to watch television in the evenings. When I saw Lil, I thought “I know this woman.” I couldn’t think how I did though. Then I introduced her to Greg and he said, “I know you!” We finally figured out that she had been the cook at the children’s camps we spoke at several home assignments ago. She was an awesome cook and obviously made an impression on us.

We’d love to meet you on this home assignment. We are planning to stay in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic area of the United States. We would like to schedule district conventions and camps in addition to services on any day of the week. We have done “services” at local restaurants with about 10 people and zoos with a children’s district group. Flexible? We are. Be creative. That said, we prefer Sunday to Sunday tours and  a central place to stay during the week. Greg loves to teach. If you can use him to help pastors earn their lifelong learning credits, that’s a win-win.

Our dates are:

  • Monday, April 16, 2018 – departure to the U.S. (Maryland – home base)
  • June 25-July 1, 2018 -Mid-Atlantic Family Camp at Roxbury Holiness Camp,  Orrston, PA
  • Wednesday, August 1, 2018 – return to Nairobi
If you would like to have us come to your church or district, send us a note at
Maybe when you come to Africa Nazarene University, we’ll say, “I know you!”