The family that prays together…

hymn books

…stays together.

I (Greg) have always liked that saying, and it’s no less true when the “family” is the family of those preparing for vocational ministry through the School of Religon and Christian Ministry (SRCM) at ANU.

On Wednesday for early morning prayers, we had representatives from Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and the U.S. We truly are Africa Nazarene University!

The Religion Student Association (RSA) is the student organization run by our religion majors. Besides sponsoring Wednesday prayers, they organize for a mission trip once per trimester.

Please pray for our female and male students as they respond to God’s call to life-long ordained ministry.


RSA leaders, L to R: Josophat Kalimwayi, Fadweck Tepani, Forward Muchetu (not pictured: Mercy Sopera)


Other prayer requests

This is Holiness Week at ANU. Remember our speaker, Assistant Chaplain Shaun Bati, as he brings the message each day. Ask that the hearts of students will tender to God’s voice, and that they will respond.

Amy just finished her second (and last) statistics class for her Ed.D. program through Trevecca Nazarene University.  She has just 3 classes remaining, and is moving ahead simultaneously on her thesis.  Pray that the Lord will help her finish well as she balances her own studies with the English classes that she’s teaching at ANU.





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