One of the great things about being at Africa Nazarene University is the extra events that we get to pop in on because they are happening on the campus. This last Sunday, we caught the end of the Women Extravaganza Launch for East Africa.

There was music.

There was speaking, preaching, and prayer.

There was communion for children and adults.


The part that gave me goosebumps was the march of flags. I always get goosebumps during the march of flags, but this was different and included an element that I wish could be incorporated at the General Assembly.

After marching in under their own flags, the ladies were instructed to exchange flags with another. This exchange was to acknowledge that the other nation is a part of the kingdom of God and to pledge to pray for that country. It was a moment of humility – recognizing that your own country needs the prayers and support of others. It was a moment of empowerment – we are responsible for others through our prayers. Amazing!DSCN0562

Please keep Greg and me in your prayers as we face a few super busy weeks even between the trimesters. I have a few weeks between classes for my doctorate and hope to make significant progress on my dissertation.


One thought on “Goosebumps”

  1. Good afternoon, Greetings from hot PA. I just copied some of the pictures and info for our LINKS bulletin board for church. We will be praying for you at the Conneautville COTN every Sunday in August and sharing info each week. Blessing and Praise. Sandy Greenlee Dist.NMI and Local Presiden


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