Meet Thomas and Neka


Thomas and Neka
Greg (aka Dr Crofford), Pastor Nekatibeb and Pastor Thomas


This week has been the face-to-face portion of “Current Moral Issues,” one of the courses in the Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) program. I (Greg) have enjoyed getting to know Thomas and Neka, two of our Nazarene leaders from Ethiopia as we’ve discussed moral issues and what should be the church’s response to them.

The Church of the Nazarene is facing many challenges in their home country. Please pray that the Lord will be with our pastors as they preach the Gospel and the message of holiness, the call to love God and others.

Prayer requests

This is exam tme. We (Amy and Greg) are marking many exam papers. Ask the Lord to give us stamina as we bring the trimester to a close.

I (Greg) am scheduled to travel soon to another African country to teach pastors. Pray that my visa will be granted and that the time away from ANU will be fruitful and impactful.

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