PhD (Religion) – gaining altitude


PhD (Religon) and DMin students take a break from class at the February 2019 doctoral seminars.


When Amy and I came to Africa Nazarene University in August 2016, one of the reasons was for Greg to assist with the beginning of the PhD (Religion) program. In October 2016, we received official approval from our accreditor to begin teaching. We currently have 13 PhD students who are active and next week we’ll have our first ever student defense of a thesis proposal.

Last week, I was in class with students taking “Wesleyan Mission and Ecclesiology.” Prof Rod Reed joined me to co-lecture, and we had a wonderful time of learning and exchange, talking about both the theory and practice of church ministry in 21st century Africa.

A special treat was welcoming to our class Rev. Stephen Porter from Nazarene Theological Seminary. He works with their information technology department. He was there to observe and to consult with our IT department on how ANU can improve its educational technology.

Other news & prayer requests

ANU celebrated “Green Week” all last week with special events, including lectures, clean up activities, and a visit from the cabinet minister for the environment. Also, Greg was tasked to preach a sermon on ecotheology at University Church last Sunday. You can read his sermon by clicking on this link.

Amy has 150 students total in her two English 101 classes this trimester. Pray that the Lord will give her stamina as she has many writing assignments to mark each week. Besides her classes, she is enjoying working one-on-one with students who come into the English Resource Centre for help. Some are even budding novelists!



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