Holiness Week with Flora Mwikali

Holiness week has begun on the LTMarangu Campus. The praise team led in worship before the special speaker was introduced.

Flora Mwikali shared a sketch of her personal story including a brief description of hiding in the fields to avoid a father who “came home to fight.” God called her to preach soon after she prayed for salvation, but she ran from the call. God pursued her. Finally, she accepted. She felt led to help girls escape trafficking and abuse in her home area. She began with what she had – her rent. The ministry grew. Now the New Scent Centre has supporters, a school, and the New Scent Grace Chapel. Flora’s father has also accepted Christ and is a faithful attendee at the Chapel.

Flora told the ANU students that if Jesus leads, they won’t need to ask for directions because he knows the way to fullness of life.

Learn more about Flora’s ministry by clicking here.

Please pray for Flora as she shares at this campus this week and the downtown campus next week.

On a different note… I was happy to see the upgrade happening on the basketball court.


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