Exam week is exhausting. Invigilating (proctoring for Americans) a two-hour exam in Helstrom Hall requires not only watching the students, but it also involves walking between the rows of desks several times and keeping an eye out for students who may need to ask a question.

When one of my Muslim students entered the hall, I told her I liked her scarf, but I was surprised because it was the first time I had ever seen her without the full headpiece. She said the morning had been a bit hectic. Later, as she turned in her exam, she explained that she had three exams that day. Undergraduate exams are government mandated to be valued at 60% of the course grade. Imagine the stress she was under! I thought what horrible timing.

Then, I was headed home for lunch after the exam and I had great timing to catch these pictures.

All this thinking about timing reminded me of a song Greg used to sing in Eastern Nazarene College‘s A Capella Choir – “My Times Are in Thy Hands”. (Click here to hear an A Capella alumni choir sing the song.)

This reminded me of the Christmas concert that he will sing with the Nairobi Music Society this coming weekend.

Timing may not be everything, but it is important.

Prayer requests:

Please pray as we mark exams (see the featured photo) and wrap up the trimester.

Pray also for Amy’s doctoral work which is intense at the moment.

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