We are thankful for friends that we have made on the journey. Two of these friends are Jim and Colleen Copple. I (Amy) first got to know Jim on a trip to the refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya. Later, I was able to tag along on a trip to Kiatine where people were dealing with intense food deprivation because of a drought. Conversations with Jim and Colleen are always challenging as they share what God is doing through their various ministries and the incredible people of faith with whom they partner.

Many years ago, the women in Kiatine, chosen as being among the neediest and most trustworthy, were given food to last a month for themselves and those of their household. Yet, when we went back after two weeks they acknowledged that the food was gone. They, facing starvation, gave the food away to neighbors. Echoing the principle of the second great commandment, they asked, “What would Jesus have us do?”

Currently, Jim and Colleen have many projects going simultaneously. They are still working with those facing hunger as well as with an ANU doctoral student, Flora Mwikali, and her rescue center for girls who have been victims of human trafficking or sexual abuse. As you watch this video produced by Nashville First Church, note that the price of 100 Kenyan shillings is equivalent to one US dollar.

This Thanksgiving, count your blessings: drinkable running water from the tap, toilets in your home, food on the table, and so many more.

Be thankful also for friends from your journey and the insights and challenges that they bring that allow you to continue to grow in your faith and understanding of the heart of God for the less fortunate.

Prayer requests:

Pray for Jim and Colleen’s work around the world. Learn more at their website.

Pray for the ANU students entering the stressful time of final exams.

Pray for safe travels for all who will be returning to their homes for the holidays.

A few pictures – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (at the mall).

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