What we saw at the mall

Nairobi, Kenya is a world-class city, with over 4 million people and growing every day. One of the signs of growth is shopping malls popping up like mushrooms, especially on the outskirts of the city.

We split our shopping between 2 supermarkets, one a branch of a large French chain (Carrefour) and the other managed by Kenyans of Indian descent (Chandaria). You can find most anything you need between the two stores. Sometimes, an American product “pops” up on the shelf to surprise you.

IMG_0233 2.JPG

Yesterday, we noticed workers putting up Christmas decorations at the nearby mall we frequent. It’s a reminder that 2018 is speeding by!



Prayer requests & praises

  • Ask God to give us stamina as we going into the exam period. Our classes are large, and there will be many exams to mark.
  • Amy received her research permit from the Kenyan government! This will allow her to do the research necessary to write her Ed.D. dissertation. Thank you for your prayers that helped smooth things along.

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