Behind the scenes

Africa Nazarene University celebrated graduation last week. Many dignitaries came from across the globe and from within Kenya to help with the joyous occasion. Now, we are back to a more routine schedule.

This week, I (Amy) chose to focus on the ones who make ANU run but will never have their names in the telephone directory. These staff members, like George pictured below, do all the behind-the-scenes work including setting up classrooms with the proper number of chairs for each session, cleaning offices, and watering plants. Another — some might say vital — thing that they do is deliver tea to the offices early in the morning. (Pictured – above: the white sugar, below: mugs and spoons, George, tea urn being delivered to the workshop, and thermoses of tea for my hallway.)

Today, thank a behind-the-scenes person in your life.

Prayer requests:

  • The trimester is about two-thirds over, so please pray for the students (and faculty) to finish well.
  • I (Amy) am at a critical juncture for my doctoral studies – waiting for the permission to do research in Kenya – please pray that the approval is granted this week.
  • Greg will be co-leading a workshop on strategic planning for the local church. Please pray that people register to attend and that the workshop goes smoothly.


If you would like to know how to make tea the Kenyan way, click here.

A few more pix:

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