Celebrating 10 Years

We have attended University Church of the Nazarene for many years. Last Sunday, the church celebrated its tenth anniversary even as the Church of the Nazarene celebrated its 110th. Yes, this vibrant church meeting at Jerrigan Chapel on the ANU campus was one of those started in celebration of the Church of the Nazarene’s centennial.

The church was blessed by those who gave greetings from the district and field offices, from the – past and present, and within the church body.  Prof. Leah Marangu reflected on the beginning of the church and the support for it that came from the university.  Pastor Gift, who has been the pastor since the church’s inception, gave a short history of the church. He noted that we are the only “University Church of the Nazarene” in the denomination although there are several “College” churches. Church members living and serving abroad sent video messages. The children of the church made a presentation. Dr. Randy James gave a short homily reminding the church members to keep God first (Mungu kwanza).

Every major celebration at University Church has a cake and a tree planting. Mrs Busi Bhebhe and other dignitaries planted trees in the yard near the pathway between the church and the Grace Roles library building.

The theme for October is Thanksgiving and surely we give thanks.DSCN8756


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