New Life at ANU

It’s spring! I (Amy) love this time of year here at Africa Nazarene University. The temperature is warming. New life is showing up everywhere. The trees are budding and the butterflies are fluttering over the flowering bushes. The birds are back.

Of course, more important than anything else, the students are back.

The beginning of the new trimester is the time for Holiness Week. This trimester the speaker is Rev. Stephen Bamutungire from Uganda. He did an excellent job preaching the word this morning in the chapel and the students were right with him.

Early morning prayer for Holiness Week, a full auditorium in Helstrom Hall, our Chaplain Rev. Cindy North, and Rev. Stephen Bamutungire.

Prayer requests:

  • for Rev. Stephen Bamutungire as he preaches this week at the LTM campus and next week at the CBD campus.
  • for the students, faculty, and staff. May everyone find new (or renewed) life at ANU in the next two weeks.

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