Sing a song


We always begin with 5-10 minutes of warm-up.

I (Greg) sing second tenor in the Nairobi Music Society (NMS) choir. It’s a wonderful way to get out in the community every Tuesday evening and spend two hours doing something I love.Right now, we’re rehearsing portions of Handel’s “Messiah.” The beauty and complexity of the music provides both a challenge for my voice and music reading skills and therapy for my spirit.


In early October, we’ll perform “Messiah”as a benefit concert for an area hospice. After that, we begin rehearsing music for our Christmas concert in early December.


Tea cups, tea and coffee stand ready for break time.


I love mixing with my fellow tenors. Three are Roman Catholic priests (two Jesuits and one Dominican friar), and we enjoy good fellowship in the Lord. Mid-way through the rehearsal, tea time is a fun chance to sip “chai” (Swahili for tea) and visit with others.

You may not sing in a choir, but you can sing. Remember the words from the late Joe Raposo:

Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear.

Just sing, sing a song!

Prayer request

Next week is Holiness Week on the L.T. Marangu (main) campus at Africa Nazarene University. Pray that the Holy Spirit will visit us in a special way, that lives will be transformed by the love of our amazing and faithful God.



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