Dreaming at ANU

I (Amy) had a dream for a writing center at Africa Nazarene University and now, it is becoming a reality. For the last two trimesters that I was here, I would take a few dictionaries and reading materials in catch-alls to a room for a few hours and we called it the Writing Lab. Students and staff would pop in during those two hours the room was available. Then, when we were on home assignment, I was granted a dedicated space – Harmon 9.

I still need a couple of tables, chairs, and reference books, but otherwise, the room is looking good. (The picture at the top is the city skyline as seen from the window of the Writing Lab.)

Don’t you love it when dreams become reality?

This trimester, dreams have the potential to come true for a record number of students. Classes are bursting at the seams and excitement is running high. The opening chapel with a focus on prayer had students from both campuses represented and required students to bring in desks from neighboring classrooms because the seating had run out.

Dreams are often fulfilled because of prayer – ours and yours.

Please pray for:

  • The Writing Lab to be fully functional in a week or so,
  • The new students as they adjust to university life,
  • ANU doctoral students to move forward with their dissertations
  • Us as we work, play, live, study, and strategize.

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