Looking back and looking forward

Even before we had finished our last home assignment, we were asked to figure out the dates for Home Assignment 2020! Well, we now have those dates all cleared.

Before we get too far into that though…

When we were preparing to go on Home Assignment 2018, I cleared off all the horizontal surfaces. I was thinking that when we returned a quick wipe and I could put everything back. That’s not what happened. Instead, some new things were added.

I want to say thank you …

These three pictures (devotional art book – Metro NY, vase – Indianapolis, and prayer reminder bracelet for human trafficking victims – now a candle decoration – VA) are representative of the many thoughtful gifts we received as we traveled around.

Prayer requests:

Wisdom in setting up Home Assignment 2020. We need it to be full, but not such that there is no relaxation. We need to have those God-ordained meetings with unknown people and reunions with others.

Good utilization of our time as we get ready for the next trimester here at Africa Nazarene University. It’s going to be grand!

Amy as she works on her Ed.D. studies through Trevecca.

Greg as he leads the Ph.D. program here at ANU.

Bonus picture: It’s good to see the variable sunbirds again.DSCN8203

2 thoughts on “Looking back and looking forward”

  1. Dear Amy and Greg, prayers as you gear up on one continent to gear down amd thwn up again on this one.
    We are in Lillington NC now and hope to see you somewhere.
    I am including my email I can get in the phone as we don’t have good e-mail on the web.


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