A visit to the Kenyan produce shop

When in high school, I (Greg) worked in the produce department at Wegmans. It was surprising to discover the variety of fruits and veggies available, things I’d never heard of before: Bok Choi, Romaine lettuce, anise, kiwi, and persimmons.

Now Amy and I live in Kenya, and there is also a variety of fruits and veggies here. We tend to be pretty traditional in our tastes. Here’s a photo of what we bought over the weekend:


Some of what you see is imported, such as pink lady apples, seedless grapes, and tangerines. But the red onions, green peppers, bananas, limes, garlic cloves, lemons, squash, and cucumbers were all grown on Kenyan farms and shipped to Nairobi.

Prayer requests

Ask the Lord to give us resolve as we care for ourselves not only spiritually but also physically, through renewed good eating habits.

We’re busy preparing for our September 2018 trimester classes. Pray that the Lord will help us make a positive impact for Christ upon students in the classroom.


One thought on “A visit to the Kenyan produce shop”

  1. Good eating habits – that spoke to me as I have determined that today I start a new lifestyle to get in better shape, the first thing being to eat LESS. I need to excercise, too. That is almost foreign to me as I tend to be a ‘sitter’. Thank you for encouraging me on my first day of change.
    Glad you made it safely back home after your time in the states. I have prayed, with thanksgiving, for your requests.
    If you get the chance, please give Sarah Reed a hug from me!


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