Back to the routine?

We are almost over jet lag! This seems to get harder each time. Maybe we just don’t bounce back as quickly these days.

Some things are just the same. Universtiy Church is still the welcoming, loving place we remembered in our hearts. ANU continues to be a great place to work. We still have baboons, blooms, butterflies, birds, and lizards.

Some things are different. Since when does the local store carry Pop Tarts – brown sugar cinnamon even?! When did Mugg & Bean – on the Go (a South African chain) come to Kenya? How does the road to ANU rate a gas station (it’s coming!)? Changes happen even in three months.

Thanks to all who hosted us during our home assignment. We appreciate you!

Looking forward – Prayer requests/praise

We need to get our passport stamps to show we are residents. This should be straightforward, we will be heading to the offices early next week. Pray this goes smoothly, because…

Greg is heading to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to teach a class. He needs to get a visa which requires about 10 days to process. Literally, he should get his passport back the afternoon before he flies. — Praise, when Greg and Khulani went to the embassy yesterday, they were not given much hope until the woman saw that he had been invited by the Church of the Nazarene. Her daughter attends ANU. She went out of her way to help – including keeping the office open 30 minutes after closing – so the initial paperwork could be filed.

I (Amy) will be super busy this fall. I have been assigned three classes to teach in addition to the Writing Lab and my Ed. D. studies. Pray for stamina for me.

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