I love (public) libraries!

When asked what I miss about America when I am in Africa, a list topper should be public libraries. Benjamin Franklin and friends started the Library Company of Philidelphia in 1731. This organization became the foundation for the public library system that we have today (http://www.ushistory.org/franklin/philadelphia/library.htm).


The American Library Association (ALA) estimates there are 122,566 libraries in the US: 9,214 public, 3,827 academic, 99,180 school libraries, 8,906 special libraries, 289 Armed Force libraries and 1,150 government libraries.

We recently spent a few days at one in Warwick, New York. Literally, the Albert Wisner Public Library is one of the best. It is a wonderful place to work. In addition, it showcases a local artist, has a used bookstore in the lower level, and a community jigsaw puzzle (not shown).  Visit your library! 🙂

Today, we are at Eastern Nazarene College for PALCON. Keep the pastors and leaders of this educational region in your prayers. Good things are happening. We will share more about this event next week and how we happen to be here.

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