Travel notes…

The featured picture, above, is from Richmond, Indiana. I loved the sunset streaming in the stained glass window! We had a fun time with the people before, during, and after the service. We also had a great time with the people of Richmond, Maine. I’m not sure if we’ll be going to any other places that share the name.

Yes, I can still take bird pictures even when I am in the United States. I will admit that the littler birds have hidden well. I did get Mr. and Mrs. Mallard when in Franklin, IN and a seagull on the PA Turnpike.

We have made it to Maine and will be here and there in the state for the next week.

The church bulletin boards and wall displays continue to encourage us. Local NMI presidents are doing a fantastic job putting the cause before their people. (This is one of the displays from Auburn, ME).DSCN9191

Have you ever noticed that the simplest things can be really beautiful when you haven’t seen them in a long time?

Food-wise, we are sampling old favorites and trying new things (new to us).

We have reunited with college friends, NMI friends, old friends, and made new friends. Home assignment is all about connections. Thanks to those who have fed and hosted us on our travels so far.

Please pray:

  • that we keep travelling with high energy, health, and safety;
  • that we make all the connections that we need to make personally and for ANU;
  • that we can keep up with our work and studies and still find times of rest and relaxation.

2 thoughts on “Travel notes…”

  1. Richmond IND is about 20 miles from the family farm near Modoc where I grew up and my mother & brother still live. Another brother in Indy. Small world. When are you home? We will be back to Kenya in July


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