On the Road…

We are officially on the road. Since heading to our first district tour (in Indianapolis), we’ve put more than 900 miles on the car. Please pray for us as we drive – pray for good traffic circulation, good visibility, and good times together. We love seeing new parts of the USA and sometimes the sunsets just get better and better.

Of course, we are not here primarily to see the countryside or the glory of the skies. We are here to meet people and share what God is doing through Africa Nazarene University. We have been doing that and meeting those who have been on Work & Witness teams that have either worked on the campus or used it as a staging location for arriving or departing from East Africa. We have given greetings and will be carrying greetings to others.

It is encouraging to see the bulletin boards at churches that are informing congregations about missions. Thank you! These are some from the Church of the Nazarene in Franklin, IN. We feel very supported!

After the Indianapolis District tour, we will head to the Maine District. If you’re in Maine and would like to see us, please contact us. We don’t get to Maine very often.

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