On the hotseat

Three times per year, ANU students are on the hotseat.

In Kenya, final exams count for 60% of an undergraduate’s course grade, and 50% for a master’s student. The last 2 weeks of each trimester are exam weeks. Many students take 7 classes per term, so that’s 7 final exams they’re sitting for, each exam lasting for 2 hours. Others who are part of our online programs sit for exams in the remote locations where they live.

Exams can create a lot of pressure.

We serve a diverse student population, providing Christ-centered education.

Here at ANU, lecturers proctor their own exams, except here we call it invigilating. This term, Amy got to invigilate for the first time, since she’s wrapping up her first term teaching English 101 and English 102. Between both classes, she has around 130 students. That’s a lot of exams to correct…or as we say here, to mark. To do so, she doesn’t have an answer key. She uses the marking scheme.

But whatever terms we use, it all comes out to the same thing: ANU students are getting a great education in a wonderful Christian environment. Pray for our students, that they’ll finish strong.


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