Global Librarians

Nazarene librarians bound together by a love of books and the people who read them can make a huge impact. This week, ANU is hosting five librarians from three countries. Recently retired from Northwest Nazarene University, Sharon Bull, a Canadian, leads the group. She has traveled the globe working with librarians at several Nazarene institutions. You can follow her posts on Facebook through the Mission: Nazarene Libraries page. (above – bottom right)

Lungile Seymana, a Swazi, is the head librarian at Southern Africa Nazarene University for the campus in Manzini. Two years ago a similar team came to Swaziland to train her and her staff. Now, she has abundant practical advice for using the OPALS system. Her travel was sponsored by the Education Development Foundation. (above bottom left)


(Ruth, Ellen, and Bobbi working with Salome Kivuva on the computer)

Three Americans round out the group. Ruth Kinnersley, Director of Library Services at Trevecca Nazarene University, has taken a lead role in training ANU staff librarians in the OPALS system. Bobbi Tomlin, a church librarian from Boise, ID and Ellen Beckwith, a retired public school librarian, have taken the task to catalogue books from the shipment sent from Nazarene Bible College through Christian Literature for Africa in cooperation with the Education Development United Foundation. (Bobbi and Ellen are pictured below.)

These librarians are part of a larger Global Tech team. The other team members are installing security measures at ANU’s downtown campus.

If you have skills and a willing hand and heart, contact Rob North at to find out if there is a team coming to ANU that you could join. We love sharing our wonderful weather, beautiful flora and fauna, and warmhearted people with visitors.


Our home assignment starts soon. We will be on the following districts: Indianapolis (April 22-29), Maine (May – ), New England (May  – ), Upstate New York (June  – ), Metro New York (June  – ), Pittsburgh (July  – ), and Mid-Atlantic. (July -). If we will be near you, we would love to spend some time together. Contact us at to set up a time. Let’s not just leave it to chance.

Prayer requests…

  • Finishing this trimester strong
  • Safe travels from here to there and back again
  • Success in sharing the stories of ANU and her God-given impact
  • Amy’s Ed.D. work – keeping up with the work while on home assignment
  • Greg – He’s writing another book — We’ll keep you posted


Happy Easter from ANU!

One thought on “Global Librarians”

  1. This entry excites me as I am rather “bookish”. How wonderful that this is another avenue of ministry. Praying for your travels and sharing in the U.S.


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