3 days together with Jesus

Rev Gift Mtukwa, Chair of the School of Religion and Christian Ministry (SRCM) at ANU, answers a question from the floor.

The 4th Global Theology Conference of the Church of the Nazarene was amazing! Nearly 300 theological educators, pastors, and other Nazarene leaders from around the world gathered for three days here in Leesburg, Florida. With our theme of “Christology,” the questions we addressed centered around Jesus’ identity and what that means for the Church as we pursue God’s mission in the world.

All the full-time faculty from ANU’s School of Religion and Christian Ministry (SRCM) came as part of a delegation from Africa more than 50 strong. We were especially proud of our own Gift Mtukwa, who wrote a paper on Paul’s Cruciform Mission in 1 Thessalonians. He partcipated in a lively panel discussing his paper, along with paper of Dr Jorge Julca (South America Regional Education Coordinator).

I’m so glad to be part of a denomination that devotes time and resources to theology and its practical application. Having a good mix of educators and practitioners made for a rich time of exchange in both small groups and plenary sessions. Last night, our G.S., Dr David Busic, preached an excellent message on Christ based from the Gospel of Mark, after which we joyfully celebrated the Eucharist together.

Prayer requests

  1. I fly back to Nairobi today and tomorrow, hopefully avoiding a strong snowstorm that is plummeting the Northeast of the United States. As I type this, my flight has not yet been cancelled or re-routed, though other SRCM faculty have had routing changes. This could be a serendipitous adventure…
  2.  Amy and I have just 3 weeks left before we head to the U.S. for our home assignment. There are many tasks to wrap-up before we go, including administering final exams for both my religion classes and Amy’s English courses. Thank you for praying that God will give us the stamina we need to finish this trimester well and to get packed up for what promises be a fruitful time of deputation in churches and visits with loved ones.

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