Rising African theologians

ASET Group photo March 2018

Greg has the honor of serving as Secretary for the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology (ASET), located here in Nairobi. The society brings together theology scholars from a number of Christian Universities mostly in Kenya, including Africa Nazarene University. We also had representatives from Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, and South Africa.

This past weekend we gathered for our annual conference, with nearly 100 in attendance. Our theme this year was “God and Creation in Contemporary Theological Discourse.” It was wonderful to hear so many well-written papers, many investigating how we can take better care of God’s creation. Other papers examined the missio Dei (God’s mission) in our world, including a paper on prevenient grace that Greg was honored to research and present.

Screenshot (22)

The paper will be a chapter in a collection to be published in 2019 by The Foundry Press (formerly Nazarene Publishing House).

Available now for sale is Christianity and Suffering: African Perspectives (Langham, 2017) which contains many papers from our 2015 ASET Conference. It may be purchased via Amazon.com at this link


By purchasing the book, you will be supporting future ASET publications and learning more about the worldview of our African brothers and sisters in Christ.

For more information on the work of ASET and more photos from the conference, visit the ASET Facebook page located here.




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