Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs

ANU has three teams advancing to the regional level of the Hult Prize competition. One of the great things about working in the ANU community is the energy and enthusiasm of the students to fulfil the university motto: “What begins here changes the world.”

One team will present here in Nairobi. The other two will be going to Dubai and Cairo.  The “Kool Kibanda” team, who are headed to Dubai, visited my office looking for some support and I snapped the picture above.

The 2018 Hult Prize challenge is to improve the lives of 10 million people by harnessing the power of energy.

Gabriella Kisoi writes about their project:

Our project aims to create smart markets in developing countries by digitizing “kibandas” (traditional market stalls), by providing cold storage compartments within the stalls which will be majorly powered by solar energy. This can be customized according to the source of green energy that is most readily available in the market area (e.g., wind energy in markets near Ngong Hills). Not only will this increase the shelf-life of the perishable goods that fruit and vegetable vendors sell, but it will enable them to make use of this readily available energy for lighting so that they may work for longer hours and also charge phones – which will act as a new revenue stream. We call these digital stalls Kool Kibandas.

The Kool Kibanda team members are: Gabriella Kisoi, Nyambura Njoroge, Winnie Mashirima, Martin Yegon, and Cliffton Nyakundi.

Celebrate with us these young aspiring social entrepreneurs. Pray for their safety as they travel and that God will continue to inspire them with ideas to change their world for the better.

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