The scholar and the athlete

One is a scholar, the other, an athlete. Africa Nazarene University is home to both.

Andrew Ntabo is reading his way through my library. He can’t get enough of theology books. His goal? To be a lecturer one day. Meanwhile, he’s already active in ministry, serving as associate pastor at a church founded by his father and as Chair of the Christian Union and the Religion Students Association.

Andrew Ntabo2
Andrew Ntabo

Espérant Fumunguya’s gifts are athletic. He’s a guard on ANU’s champion men’s basketball team, where he also serves as chaplain. With the heart of an evangelist, this young man from the DRC is having an impact for Christ right here in Kenya.

Espérant Fumunguya

Different talents? Absolutely, but they serve the same God. As Dean of the School of Religion and Christian Ministry, I’m honored to be part of a team of mentors, helping them hone their gifts. And in the process, they’re teaching us what it means to sacrifice to fulfill one’s calling.

Thanks for praying for Andrew, Espérant and the other men and women the Lord is entrusting to us.



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