Making music

DSCN7798This term, I’m teaching the “Church Music and Worship” class to a handful of our religion major undergrads. The class is mostly online, but has a few face-to-face sessions as well.

We had a special guest with us. Mr John Case is here with his pastor for the ANU “Holiness Week,” and is playing his guitar in chapel. He visited our class and led us in a couple of worship choruses, then gave his testimony and answered questions. John attends the Crosspointe Church of the Nazarene in Salisbury, Maryland.

Today, we learned some basic music theory. It was fun clapping our hands to the rhythm and learning the difference between whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eigth notes, and sixteenth notes. Or, as they’re called here, semi-breves, minimes, crochets, quavers, and semi-quavers.

Our goal is for pastors to have an appreciation for music, whatever their own native music ability might be.

This is the first time I’ve ever taught such a class, and am finding it fun!

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