Key rings on the Christmas tree


We’ve been blessed to live in seven different countries: the U.S., France, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Haiti, South Africa, and Kenya. Each country has its own charm, and its own challenges.

At Christmas time, we rehearse memories from each stop on the journey. We do this by hanging inexpensive key rings purchased at Presidential libraries, museums, or tourist sites.

DSCN7533It’s a tradition that never grows old, even if we ourselves are getting older!

What Christmas traditions do you celebrate?

Wrapping up the trimester


We’re putting the finishing touches on Trimester 1, marking exams, submitting grades, and getting ready for the next trimester. Amy will be teaching English to first year students, and Greg will continue with his “Christian Beliefs” class plus three online courses, in addition to his duties as Dean of the School of Religion and Christian Ministry (SRCM) and Coordinator of the PhD (Religion).

Goodbye to the Stantons, hello to……..?

We said our final goodbyes this week to Dr Daryll and Mrs Verna Stanton, who headed back to the U.S after 35 years of missionary service in Africa, including 20 years at ANU. With the retirement of Dr Stanton, pray that the Lord will provide the right PhD qualified missionary to come serve in the SRCM with us as as a theological educator.


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