Meet Alfred Wakesa

                               Alfred Wakesa

In September, I flew to the States for a conference and spoke in a nearby Nazarene church afterwards. Before the trip, needing a  video about ANU,  I stopped by our PR office. That’s  where I met Alfred Wakesa.


Alfred began attending ANU in 2007. He had to take a few years out but came back not long ago and finished up his course work. Last month, he graduated from ANU with a B.A. in Mass Communications and Broadcast. In January, he plans to enroll either in the M.A. (Communications) or MBA (Monitoring and Evaluation).

Today, Alfred stopped up to the School of Religion and Christian Ministry, or SRCM as we call it for short. He’ll be working with us on our new Facebook page (please visit the page and like it!) Between our social media strategizing, he shared a few insights about his walk with Christ.

Alfred grew up in the church but credits his deepening in faith to ANU mass com lecturer Mr Macharia, who became a spiritual mentor to him. When I asked Alfred what difference ANU has made in his life, he offered:

ANU has shaped my character and helped me be a leader in my professional life as well as my personal life.

Thank you for your faithful giving and prayers, which allow Amy and me to fufill our missionary calling here at ANU, working alongside talented individuals like Alfred. It’s an honor to serve at a University where students receive not only a first-rate education but also find a place that nurtures a closer relationship with the Lord.





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