From 49th to 2nd

S Kalitera
Rev Samson Kalitera, with Dr Greg Crofford

“Why have you allowed our son to cheat?”

The school teacher assured Samson’s parents that she had done no such thing, that Samson was a changed student. No longer a lackluster pupil, ranked a lowly 49 out of 50, he was now 2nd in his class.

In chapel yesterday, Samson Kalitera explained how God had transformed him in 7th grade through a sermon. The preacher told the crowd that we are all made in the image of God. That was a revelation for Samson. He reasoned that if even he – poor student though he was – was made in God’s image, then surely he could improve. After all, God was intelligent, so Samson must be, too. And so began extra effort in studying, and his rise from next to last to next to first. At ANU, this transformation was in evidence when Samson succesfully completed his Master of Arts in Religion (MAR), earning a distinction on his thesis. And now he’s enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry.

We’ll miss Samson. He has been serving for the past 18 months as Chaplain at our Town Campus. But family waits for him back home in Malawi, and we know that God will open doors of effective ministry there even as God has here.

Pray for Samson’s transition back home, and for his safe travels.

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