Special visitor…and our incoming VC

special visitor
(L to R): Andrew Ntabo, Debbie Salter-Goodwin, Dr Greg Crofford

When I was a teen, I always read Bread magazine cover-to-cover. One of my favorite parts was the column, “Ask Dan and Debbie.” Today, I got to meet Debbie Salter-Goodwin. She’s at ANU as part of a Work-and-Witness team. Her assignment is to capture stories from administrators, faculty, and students, to help chronicle where God has lead us as well as our hopes for the future. Today, Debbie stopped by our 7:30 a.m. meeting of the Religion Students Association. Above, she’s pictured with me and our RSA Chair, Andrew Ntabo. Thanks for gracing us with your presence, Debbie!


This month, we’re celebrating the 21 year tenue of our Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Leah T. Marangu, with special events and appreciation. As of November 1, our incoming Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Stanley Bhebhe, will assume his duties. In chapel last week, Prof Marangu officially introduced Dr Bhebhe as her successor. Thank you for praying for ANU during these days of transition. We know that our God who has lead us this far will continue leading us into a bright future!

Prof. Marangu (outgoing ANU Vice-Chancellor)  welcomes Dr. Stanley Bhebhe (incoming Vice-Chancellor). We thank the Lord for a smooth and gracious transition.




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