“Jesus” comes to ANU

Jesus Film team

The School of Religion and Christian Ministry (SRCM) has launched an ANU “Jesus” film team. Its mission is “To reach our generation.”

In early September, team leader Rev. Fredrick Amolo and team members Chale Atikonda and Cecilia Kileteny attended a “Jesus” film three day training seminar. They will use what they learned to partner with the Christian Union and other student organizations to evangelize and disciple students both on campus and elsewhere in Nairobi and beyond, including high schools, orphanages, or churches, wherever they find an open door.

Atikonda testified: “Reaching out must be your passion, to reach out to those who don’t know Christ.” Kiliteny agreed. “I was happy that Rev. Amolo told me about this, and I am very ready to take the Gospel outside.”

For Amolo, the training was a refresher course. He has been extensively involved in the past using the “Jesus” film as a church planting tool. Amolo is also coordinator of the internship program in the Religion Department, so he saw the potential of using the “Jesus” film as a way for religion students to get hands-on ministry experience. “This is part of our students’ training. We are mentoring our ministers,” Amolo noted.

Beyond showing the “Jesus” film, the team plans to launch a Sunday evening student mission on campus. This will provide a forum for spiritual growth when students are back on campus following a weekend away.

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