Mowing in the opposite direction

Pushmower1Summer as a boy always meant cutting grass. No, our mower wasn’t as old-fashioned as the one in this photo. It was motorized. But whatever your type of mower, the conventional wisdom stands: Once in a while, change your mowing pattern. Mow in the opposite direction.

Amy and I have been doing just that during our 2-week leave. We’ve been doing things that there’s rarely time to do in the middle of a hectic trimester.

Yesterday, we went to the Nairobi National Park. It pays to go at sunrise, so at 6:20 a.m., we rolled through the gates, armed with our matching crimson Nikon Coolpix  L820’s. Since we enjoy birds, many of our photos were of various species, including this strutting Secretary bird:










But the find of the day had no wings, and it defiantly blocked our path. A lioness lay on the road as if to say: “You shall not pass.”


When we looked to the left in the brush, much to our astonishment, here’s what we saw:

DSCN7261 (2)

Not pictured were three other lion cubs, for a total of six juvenile simbas. (Fierce mother of six? This is sounding vaguely familiar…)

God’s creation is amazing. We’re glad to live so close to a game park, just a 20 minute drive. Don’t forget to take advantage of the amazing things where you are. Once in a while, slow down. Change your routine. Mow your lawn in the other direction.

Prayer requests

We’re back to work on Monday. Pray for the students who will be returning to campus or coming for the first time, that God will give them safe travels, provide for school fees and help them adjust to University life. Ask the Lord especially to visit us during our chapel times, that Africa Nazarene University can truly be a place of spiritual growth and transformation.


Image credit

Push mower: By GURoadrunner (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Secretary Bird and lions: Greg Crofford

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