Staycation 2017

What, you ask, do missionaries do on a staycation?

Look at the pictures and you’ll know our answer…

We have fun with hobbies. We joined Nature Kenya last fall, but this drizzily morning was our first chance to go birding. Fleur, the leader, has been participating in or leading the Wednesday Bird Walks since 1971! She is super fun, feisty, and knowledgeable. Most of the group were Kenyans who care about the environment. Some have been doing the bird walk weekly for years.

I am also doing some embroidery, a.k.a. thread painting. As you can see I am simply using floss to cover an already printed placemat.

Greg is having fun on NazNet which is now hosted on Facebook  as “NazNet General Discussion”, “NazNet Pastors”, and “NazNet Theology”. If you’re Nazarene, come sit at the table and join the conversation.

We read (this is just a sampling), eat chocolate, and watch DVDs.

We visit local tourist sites. The littlest giraffe (picture – top) at the Giraffe Center was only 5 days old! When one of the workers saw that we had completed the wooden puzzle, he gave us a high five. Apparently, it isn’t completed very often. The real reason we went was to hike  the forest trail. We seemed to have strayed and ended up hiking for more than an hour. We started on Ndege Trail and after following some narrow paths and pushing little tree branches out of the way we ended on Jocks Trail. It was relaxing.

We also try new recipes and bake. Generally, we hang out together. We have plans to do other local things in the days to come. Hopefully. we will be able to check off everything on our to-do list. (Yes, we even make a to-do list for staycations.)

Please, keep praying for peace in Kenya. BBC News from today.

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