Learning together

One of my top five strengths is Learner. I love to learn.


Today, ANU hosted a morning workshop about Qualitative Research. The workshop ingaugarated a series that is being facilitated in part through ANU’s Insititute of Research, Development, and Policy along with another local university.

Prof. Linda Ethangatta (for a short video about her, click here) opened the workshop with an invitation to share tea, mandazis, somosas, and sausage. After everyone had shared the food and good conversation, the session began.

Prof. Wakiuru Wamwara, sponsored by the Carnegie Africa Diaspora Fellowship DSCN6571Program, taught. She held the audience’s attention through a variety of teaching strategies. She drew the locals in with stories of her own research including the hassles and triumphs. Being Kenyan, although a long time resident of the United States, she used local examples that resonated with all present. Prof. Wamwara is on the faculty of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

This week we also took Dr Matt Price from Mount Vernon Nazarene Universitdscn6330.jpgy on a day of tourism. First stop? The AA office so Greg and I could fill out paper work for our Kenyan licenses. Turns out that it is not all too difficult. Even so, wasn’t that exciting. It got better from there with a visit to the Nairobi National Museum – note the picture of the gourds above, a tour of the CBD campus of ANU, and a walk downtown. We finished off with a delicious meal at Urban Burger.

Please pray for ANU students this week and next as they study for finals and finish projects and papers. Also pray for the Kenyan general elections in early August.

Thanks and have a wonderful week!

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