Is there a doctor in the house?

L to R: Rev Kennedy Kirui, Dr Greg Crofford, Rev George Mwita, Pastor Shaun Bati (guest speaker), Rev Aweis Ali, and Dr Matt Price

It has been a special treat to have several (academic) doctors come to teach in the DMin and PhD seminars being held this month at ANU.

Last week, we welcomed Dr Daniel Mwailu, a Methodist D.S. in the U.K., who assisted with “Spritual Practice for Ministry.” He team-taught the course with our ANU Chaplain, Dr Cindy North. The students were very pleased with the practical nature of the material.

This week, Dr Matt Price of Mount Vernon Nazarene University served as co-lecturer with me for the course, “Holiness Theology and the Minister.” Matt brings knowledge of sub-Saharan Africa from his time as a missionary in Benin. Students have also appreciated his depth of knowledge and easy going teaching manner.

Dr Daryll Stanton has assisted with a research course and brings a lot of expertise as our students are crafting their thesis proposals.

Thank you, one and all. We’re glad there are doctors in the house!

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