Jim preached and kids played

DSCN6182It was great to have Jim Copple preach in the University chapel on the main campus today. Through stories of people he has met and worked alongside, he stressed the importance of moving from WHY to getting it DONE – moving from asking (often unanswerable) questions about a situation to making a commitment to change or improve it. His passion for the betterment of life for all was clearly in evidence.

Thanks, Jim!

On Saturday, ANU hosted the finals of the Kenyan Jr. NBA. DSCN6033For the last three months, games and events have been held at various locations around Nairobi.

The event was boisterous. Helstrom was crammed with  1,500 very excited kids and a large group of invited guests. Greg and others greeted the US Ambassador to Kenya, Robert F. Godec, on behalf of the university.

The Slum Dunk Mathare Nets won the day! (More information and pictures are available on the ANU Facebook page – July 1 posts.)

I don’t know if Jim or the kids had butterflies, but one gorgeous afternoon I had trouble deciding where to point the camera! These are only a few…

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