A heart for God

EsperantThe School of Religion and Christian Ministry (SRCM) is an incubator for aspiring pastors.

Meet Esperant Fumunguya. He’s a first year student at Africa Nazarene University. The son of a Pentecostal pastor in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Esperant is also the chaplain and a guard on the ANU championship men’s basketball team. He has a heart to see his teammates follow Jesus. When not busy with basketball or his studies, he’s found time to start a fledgling church just a mile from campus, where he meets his little flock for worship on Sunday nights.

It’s exciting to see how God is using religion majors like Esperant who love God to bring fellow students to Christ. Will you pray that the Lord will continue to use him to inspire others in their faith?

At Nairobi National Park

Don Thorsen, a colleague from Asuza Pacific University, came through town early this week. He took Amy and me out for my birthday dinner, then the next day Don and I visited Nairobi National Park. This pretty kitty was 30 yards off the road, bathing in the late morning sun.


It’s amazing living in a place like Nairobi, the only city in the world with an urban game park. Here’s a colorful (kingfisher?) that I spotted at the hippo ponds.



If anyone is more sure of the bird’s name, please leave a comment. He didn’t show up definitively in our Birds of East Africa guide. And no, those aren’t snow flakes, just reflected light from the background pond.

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