School of Religion and Christian Ministry

Africa Nazarene University is undergoing a restructuring. As a part of that, the religion department has a new name: School of Religion and Christian Ministry.

Greg has accepANU logoted the appointment to be the first dean of the new school. He will be adding administrative duties to his portfolio. He will also be more involved in promoting the university and its various programs. He remains the Coordinator of the PhD in Religion and a senior lecturer.

Dr Daryll Stanton has turned over his duties as the Religion department chair to Rev. Gift Mtukwa. Dr Stanton will be helping with the transition for the next several months until he and Verna begin their year-long “victory lap” in the United States before retirement.

Pastor Gift was also invited to the Senate meeting, but he is in the United States for General Assembly. Greet him and Judy and the other ANU representatives at the ANU booth!

Pray for Greg and Gift as they pray and dream and work together to develop a vibrant vision for the School of Religion and Christian Ministry at ANU. In the months ahead, they will be sharing this vision.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Meanwhile … Happy World Giraffe Day! Click here to find out more about giraffes and the efforts being made to save them at the Giraffe Center in Karen – very close to ANU.

As many of you know, I take a lot of pictures. The goal is to get a picture of every type of animal that lives at ANU or visits the campus. I am happy that some of the students in the Environment and Resource Management (ERM) department are going to use my pictures in a biodiversity project.

Have a wonderful day!

A few parting shots…


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