VIP visitors to ANU

Pictured (L to R): Greg Crofford, Rev Bishop Hawkins Mugaya (Kenya), Sherry Cahill, Rev Thom Cahill, Rev Mike Reynen (Area Coordinator, FMC-Africa)

One of the blessings of working at Africa Nazarene University is the chance to cross paths with like-minded believers from sister denominations. Yesterday, we had a visit from leaders of the Free Methodist Church (FMC). Dr Daryll Stanton (Chair of the Religion Department) joined us for lunch, and later Mr Richard Muguongo from ANU marketing lead a tour of the campus. We are exploring the possibility of ANU partnering more closely with the FMC to provide higher education for both Free Methodist pastors and students pursuing other disciplines.

Included in the FMC group were Thom and Sherry Cahill. The Cahill family is well-known in Eastern Nazarene College circles. (Amy and I are Class of ’85 ENC grads and we also know some of Thom’s siblings). Thom’s father (now retired) pastored various Nazarene churches on the ENC region. Thom and Sherry are educational missionaries with the Free Methodists and are living in Eldoret, Kenya, where Thom is Director of their Bible College. It was fun to see them again!

Africa Nazarene University is proud to serve the Church of the Nazarene and the larger Body of Christ. Thanks for your prayers as we continue exploring ways that we can be of greater service to the Church at-large.

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