The gift of song

Dr Crofford presents a Sing to the Lord hymnal to Andrew Ntabo, head of the Religion Major Association (RSA).

Our religion majors here at ANU love to sing. We meet most Wednesday mornings at 7:30 a.m. to sing hymns, to pray, and to encourage each other. I noticed last September when I began teaching at ANU that our hymnals – the old 1972 Worship in Song – were well-used and well-loved, but also tattered.

Enter Melwood, MD Church of the Nazarene, Amy’s and my home church. When I told Pastor Jon Nielson about it, he proposed a solution. The Philly Work & Witness team arrived at ANU last week to help renovate one of the men’s dorms. In their suitcases? Two dozen of the 1994 Sing to Lord hymnals kindly mailed to them beforehand by Pastor Nielson. Thank you, Melwood and Philadelphia District for your generosity.

Like many churches in the U.S., at Melwood, most music is now projected on the screen at the front of the sanctuary. They’re glad to see the hymnals have a second life in Kenya, where they’ll also be used in the “Church Music” course that all religion majors are required to take and that I’ll be teaching beginning in May 2018.

Andrew Ntabo (pictured) is the head of the RSA (Religion Students Association) at ANU. He was thrilled to receive the copies of Sing to the Lord, and we look forward to using them next Wednesday morning and for years to come!


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