Finding Strengths

We took the StrengthsFinders assessment when we worked at the regional office. The assessment reveals your Top 5 Signature Themes from a list of 34. (Note: you can get your entire personal list for an additional fee.)

My (Amy) top five strengths are:

  • Learner – I love to learn in almost any area.
  • Intellection – I reflect (or biblically – ponder in my heart) and think everything over.
  • Input – I collect stuff, whether physically or intellectually.
  • Ideation – I have lots of ideas. They come quickly and instinctively.
  • Maximizer – I enjoy making good things excellent.

Greg’s top five are:

  • Achiever – Setting and meeting goals are important to him.
  • Learner – He also likes to learn about many things, but theology is a clear favorite.
  • Context – He likes to know the history of things before making decisions.
  • Input – He also collects stuff.
  • Intellection – He also mulls things over.

As you can see, we have three strengths in common. We would probably be in trouble with the input strength, but many moves have kept the physical collection of things in check.

Why am I posting this now? This week, I earned my certificate as a Strengths Coach. If you know your Top 5, have not been coached, and would like to be coached when we are on home assignment in 2018, just let me know. Although, it would be better to find a coach near you and not wait.


One of the things I like to collect are digital photos, but I am willing to share!

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