We are NTS! (at ANU)

We are NTS - Copy (2)
(L to R) Dr Daryll Stanton, Prof Rodney Reed, Dr Gregory Crofford

There was a time in the Church of the Nazarene when our schools were individualistic. Fierce competition was the order of the day. There’s still some friendly rivalry, but we do a lot better partnering these days.

That was on display yesterday in a small but important way. Prof Rod Reed, Dr Daryll Stanton and I are Nazarene missionaries assigned to work at Africa Nazarene University (ANU). We are also graduates of Nazarene Theological Seminary (NTS). Yesterday, we recorded a short video clip for NTS. They’ll use it in their publicity video to be unveiled in June at the General Conventions and Assembly. Our message:

We are NTS… at Africa Nazarene University!

NTS has done a wonderful job over the years preparing women and men for vocational ministry.  A good number of us have ended up outside North America. I’m glad that the spirit of competition has withered away. We’re grateful that sister Nazarene institutions are connected and that we’re getting stronger, together.



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