“Think of helping others”

Prof Leah Marangu has announced that she will be retiring at the end of October. You can read the official announcement here.  Chaplain Dr Cindy North lead in a time of prayer for the transition using an empty chair to symbolize the person who would become the next vice chancellor of ANU.

I was curious, so I started searching online. I came across this very short video. Prof Marangu is addressing a young crowd and reminding them to “Think of helping others.” I have read of her mentoring leaders and I have heard some of their stories. What made the greatest impression though was seeing her humble spirit in action.

Chaplain Cindy North leading in prayer for Prof Marangu and the next Vice Chancellor.

A few weeks into the trimester when Africa Nazarene University had accepted a large number of government sponsored students, one of them was in the hallway just outside my office door. Prof Marangu was passing by. She stopped and introduced herself and asked how things were going. He said he was lost and couldn’t find the office he needed. She not only took him to the appropriate office, she also made sure he was taken care of before she left him. She could have delegated or even just passed by and done nothing, but she didn’t.

Prof. Marangu will be greatly missed. I’m sure that we will all be listening closely during the next seven months to soak in the wisdom and knowledge that she freely shares.

If you see her at General Assembly, express your appreciation for her long service to Nazarene education in Africa.


And a few photos – because I can’t resist.

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