Our church home in Kenya

seekers at the altar of University church

Years ago, the Church of the Nazarene ran an advertising campaign with the slogan:

“Welcome to the Church of the Nazarene. Our church can be your home.”

Amy and I have always felt that way about University Church of the Nazarene here on the campus of ANU. I spoke to Joy, one of my students and also part of the pastoral team. She remarked: “It seems like the Lord is visiting us lately in a special way.” She’s right.

Last Sunday, our associate pastor, Geoffrey Odette, preached the sermon. At the end, he invited people to come forward who needed healing of any kind – physical, spiritual, or emotional. Gift Mtukwa, the lead pastor, asked for all pastors to come forward to pray with those who had come to the altar. What a sweet time in the presence of the Holy Spirit ensued as we prayed with people and anointed them with oil! (see photo)

God is doing great things at University church as we journey together.



One thought on “Our church home in Kenya”

  1. That is wondrrful what the Holy Spitit is doing among you there. May God continue to bless you and give you souls for his kingdom!! Thank you for your prayers for us here, also. Ruth Briscoe


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